Hoshino Tea Time—Authentic Tea from Taiwan

Hoshino Tea Time—Authentic Tea from Taiwan

Tea ceremony is originally a cultural activity from the East Asian countries, namely Japan, China, and Taiwan. While tea ceremony attracts only a certain group of people, the derivative—the act of drinking tea—spreads far and wide, including to Indonesia. It results in countless bubble tea joints and tea-related F&B establishments. One of them is the Taiwanese franchise Hoshino Tea Time.

Hoshino Tea Time offers authentic Taiwanese-style tea and cuisine, which are shown in the variety of tea leaves and types of food, plus the atmosphere of the restaurant. When it comes to tea, the number one recommendation is Hot Oolong Tea. What makes Hoshino’s Oolong Tea different is the addition of osmanthus flower, which gives a refreshing sensation and sweet taste without sugar. For cold beverages, the favorites are Jasmine Green Tea, Honey Green Milk Tea, and Matcha Milk Green Tea.

Another menu that we always order at Hoshino Tea Time is a dessert called Green Tea Paradise. This dish serves up bubbles, coconut jelly, egg pudding, red bean, and true to its name, shaved ice green tea. But enough about the drinks and dessert, because food at Hoshino is also interesting. Orange Chicken, for example, is a bowl of chicken marinated in orange, served with carrot, sweet corn, and beans. The flavor is an intriguing mix of sweet and salty with a touch of acidity.

Infuse yourself in the tea experience even further by signing up to Hoshino Tea Time’s tea brewing class. The class is open for everyone every day at 3 PM. Make sure to give them a call to ask for more details and reserve your place.

From Taiwan, Hoshino Tea Time has expanded to USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia. This family restaurant is located in Menara BTPN, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta. It opens from 7 AM to 10 PM on weekdays, and from 9 AM to 10 PM on weekends. Its prime location makes Hoshino Tea Time a great place to hang out, have business meetings, and hold small events.

Text by Abigail Pinkan
Photo by Rega Alchalabi