Enjoying Indonesian Coffee at Ngopi Yuk

Enjoying Indonesian Coffee at Ngopi Yuk

For coffee enthusiasts, a day without coffee would make you feel incomplete. It feels difficult to concentrate, let alone work. Coffee is a mood booster and a magic liquid that can help you to focus. More people than ever are addicted to the strong aroma and the unique flavor of coffee, as reflected by the increasing number of coffee shops. One of them is the uniquely named place called Ngopi Yuk. The simple and catchy name is very inviting, isn’t it?

What makes Ngopi Yuk different from other specialty coffee shops is the type of coffee they use. Ngopi Yuk exclusively brews a variety of Indonesian coffee, including Malabar Sunda, Kerinci, Toraja, Papua, and Wamena coffee. Ngopi Yuk will recommend you to enjoy one of those coffee made using manual brew technique, but if you prefer espresso-based drinks, they have that too.

Besides being a great place to hang out, Ngopi Yuk is often used as a basecamp for some community to meet up. If you are a coffee enthusiast or simply looking for a nice place to relax with a cup of Indonesian coffee, come to Ngopi Yuk at Jalan Radio Dalam Raya No. 3, South Jakarta. They open every Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM ’til midnight.

Find out more about Ngopi Yuk and watch this Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBHiX3qEWCQ

Text by Abigail Pinkan
Photo by Vincent Adi