Johnny Rockets Indonesia, The Unique Fast Food Restaurant

Johnny Rockets Indonesia, The Unique Fast Food Restaurant

Retro American vibes, plus delicious and hearty comfort food. Johnny Rockets Indonesia knows what customers want. Whether you like Hamburger, French Fries, Onion Rings, or Milkshakes, Ronn Teitelbaum’s fast food restaurant has it all.

What makes Johnny Rockets different from other fast food restaurants is the way they treat customers. You will be welcomed with Johnny Rockets’ cheerful greeting, “Hello! Welcome to Johnny Rockets!” shouted merrily by all the staffs.

Besides the speedy and friendly staffs, you will also be entertained with their creativity. They will dance at least every hour. It’s quite amusing and fun to watch. Adding to the artsy vibes is the presence of old-style jukebox in all Johnny Rockets Indonesia outlets. This music machine was famous from the 1940s through the mid-1960s.

Now onto our favorite topic: food. One simply can’t visit Johnny Rockets Indonesia without trying out their The Original Hamburger and Smoke House Burger. The crispiness of smoked bacon, the deliciousness of smoked beef, and the melted cheddar cheese mixed with barbecue sauce? Perfect.

The drinks are definitely as memorable as the food. Burgers and shakes are match made in heaven, even more so at Johnny Rockets. You must try one of their sinfully delicious milkshakes: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or oreo cookies. As you might have guessed, the last one is everyone’s favorite, thanks to the yummy oreo crumbles.

Lucky for all of us, Johnny Rockets Indonesia has numerous outlets all across Jakarta and Bali. You can find their burgers and milkshakes at Lotte Shopping Avenue, Sahid Sudirman, and PIM 2 in Jakarta, and Beachwalk Shopping Center in Bali. Have fun eating at Johnny Rockets!

Text by Abigail Pinkan
Photo by Vincent Adi