Mom Milk: Milk for Better Health

Mom Milk: Milk for Better Health

Every mom would want to give the best nutrition for her child, which is through milk. The same spirit is carried out by a cafe called Mom Milk, who believes that milk is indeed essential for better health. True to its name, Mom Milk specializes in various milk-based drinks. The founder of Mom Milk built the cafe based on his childhood experience. His mom used to make milk in a lot of flavors to encourage him to drink more milk.

Mom Milk offers more than 15 flavors of milk, from the original one to fruity flavors, from coffee infused milk to funky concoctions such as bubblegum milk. The favorites include vanilla regal— a mix between pure milk and regal biscuits—cookies, strawberry, and taro cookies.

Besides milk, Mom Milk also serves simple, tasty snacks. Here’s a fun fact: Most of the names are all mixed and matched with the word “Mom”. Mom’s Platter, for example, consists of nuggets, sausages, and fries. Their new menu, Mom’s Long John, is a huge sausage slathered in BBQ sauce, served alongside potato wedges and salad. Yum! You can also enjoy dishes such as Fried Banana Roll, Chicken Wings, and Omelette.

Mom Milk is built with university students in mind. The locations are in proximity to big campuses, and the price is also pocket-friendly. The place is designed in such a way that students would feel comfortable to sit down longer. It is bright, clean, Instagramable, and provides fast Wi-Fi. Do you really need anything else?

When you’re looking for a place to hang out or do group assignments, Mom Milk is the place to go. No need to look further than these three addresses: Jl. Rawa Belong No. 56, Kemanggisan Jakarta Barat; Jl. Boulevard Raya Palem Raya 38, Lippo Benton Junction; Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok BD 121A Grand Galaxy, Bekasi.

Text by Abigail Pinkan
Photo by Alexandra Karman