Zahra Turkish Ice Cream - The Unique Ice Cream Attraction in Town

Zahra Turkish Ice Cream - The Unique Ice Cream Attraction in Town

“Welcome to Zahra Turkish Ice Cream!” greeted the waiters.

True to its name, the ice cream recipe originates from Turkey. One of the most distinguishable things about Turkish ice cream is the unique way it is served: with entertainment. The ice maker will do a lot of attraction to persuade people to buy their ice cream, such as turning the ice cream upside down, or fooling the customers with empty cones. No wonder people surround their booth all the time!

Zahra Turkish Ice Cream is made of 100% pure cow’s milk. It has an elastic texture and contains a thickening agent called salep, causing it not to melt easily. Thanks to its sticky texture, the ice cream won’t fall down even when turned upside down.

Ice cream lovers, you don’t need to worry about the flavors. Zahra Turkish Ice Cream offers various fruit flavors and the all-time favorite, chocolate. Beside chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are also huge hits. You can also add toppings like choco chips. The taste is not too sweet, so you can finish the whole serving with less guilt—perfect for your palate!

I think the price is worth it: IDR 17,000 for 1 scoop, or IDR 22,000 for 1 scoop with one topping. Overall Zahra Turkish Ice Cream is a truly recommended place to have dessert. Zahra has several locations in malls across Jakarta, including Lippo Mall Kemang, Kota Kasablanka, and many more. So, it’s never too late for an ice cream!

Text by Abigail Pinkan
Photo by Vincent Adi