Lucaffé, Where Good Coffee Meets Funny-Looking Cup

Lucaffé, Where Good Coffee Meets Funny-Looking Cup

While Lucaffé is more universally known as a top producer of coffee pods, its presence in Indonesia is somewhat still limited as a quaint coffee shop frequented by loyal customers. It currently has two outlets: one at Kota Kasablanka and one at Pacific Place. Compared to the Kota Kasablanka outlet, the Pacific Place outlet is bigger; it also serves main courses aside from the usual cakes and pastries.

Lucaffé offers both original blends and singe-origin coffees, including the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain. Diners can then choose what kind of coffee they want: espresso, long black, cappuccino, or latte. The Jamaica Blue Mountain is truly something; while it tastes smooth, mild, and creamy with subtle acidity, it also has that interesting underlying floral aroma. Savour the aroma, take a sip, and enjoy your coffee!

On a less serious note, it is interesting to point out that Lucaffé’s mascot that is printed on their cups is very amusing. It is impossible not to feel entertained, drinking coffee while looking at a chubby dark-skinned bald man wearing a yellow shirt with green suspenders on your cup. Hey, I feel prompted to return to Lucaffé just to look at that cup once more!

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Photo and Text by Alexandra Karman