Petit Paris-Lyon Café

Petit Paris-Lyon Café

Petit Paris-Lyon Café is a mini café located in Essence Darmawangsa Apartment, South Jakarta. It is the source of mouthwatering aroma of pastry that you can smell around the lobby area. It invites customers to take a peek inside the display case that is filled with beautiful bread and cakes.

The design is chic with various knick-knacks and photographs adorning the walls. The hanging lights and wooden accents give warmth that encourages people to sit down and stay longer. It is no surprise that this 4 year-old café has once received an award for Best Restaurant Café from a media.

Despite the French-inspired name, Petit Paris-Lyon Café offers all kinds of food such as bread, sandwich, pasta, and pizza. Special mention goes to the thin-crust Pizza Margherita, the crowd pleaser. Add one more Italian flair to your dining experience in this café by pairing the pizza with a cup Cappuccino.

While petite in size, Petit Paris-Lyon Café is a great place to hang out with your friends. Decent food, relaxed atmosphere. Give it a visit when you are around the area.

Text by Yayang Syarif
?Photo by @parislyoncafe